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Muskegon Summer Celebration Parties It Up!

Muskegon Summer Celebration, on the shores of Muskegon Lake at a cute park named Heritage Landing really is something unique, and it showcases the party atmosphere and hospitality of a town that really is musically under-appreciated. The festival lasts 11 days, and each day a different genre of music is presented to the massive crowd of people, that come to hear new music. They touch every base, getting to genres such as Christian Rock (Newsboys), Rap and Hip Hop (Ludacris), and even bands that a genre wouldn't begin to describe, such as Here Come The Mummies. We made our way to the festival twice, and both times were better than words can describe. The first day, we got there and checked out the festival grounds a bit, which included more than I was expecting, such as a huge carnival of rides and games, a circus, and plenty of food options. The bill for the night consisted of some really great new alternative rock, including Paper Tongues, Civil Twilight, and Neon Trees, as well as the Newsboys. Each band played for about 45 minutes, which was perfect! The crowd was a bit small, but that's okay as they were still having a good time. We came back Monday for Ludacris, and that was nuts. Here Come The Mummies opened up for him, and they completely shocked me. Such a great live band, really really good show. Ludacris had the crowd on fire, singing along and never missing a word. The crowds at Summer Celebration are unique, so much fun, and friendly, It's not the Coachella Crowd. All in all I would rate the festival with 4 stars, and highly recommend that you make your way to Muskegon, Michigan for the Summer Celebration, which will last until Sunday, July 4Th. Tickets, Lineup, and more can be found on the Summer Celebration Website, or just by clicking here.

Please enjoy these photos.
Photos By: Cecily Meadows, Ashton Sieczko, Jared R. West.

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  1. Here Come The Mummies are insane!


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