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The Mynabirds Shed Light On A Rainy Day!

Despite the threat of rain and storms, thousands of Hipsters gathered in the Wicker Park neighboorhood of Chicago to celebrate Summer, and what a better way than to go to Do Division Street Festival. With a cheap $5.00 cover and a great lineup of 2010's best new indie and electronic music, what could go wrong? The main reason I went were for two great bands, the first and best being The Mynabirds, a recently formed project of Laura Burhenn.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, as I hadn't heard much of the Mynabirds thus far, minus about half of the debut album "What We Lose In The Fire, We Gain In The Flood." I got there a bit late, around 1:05 or so, and was glad to see that they were still setting up. Out came Laura and the rest of her band, featuring a drummer, guitarist, two back up singers, and herself playing keys. The moment she began to sing, everyone stopped talking and started listening, shocked to hear a voice like hers. It's absolutely unique. The Mynabirds are a very heartfelt and soulful band, and you can feel it as they perform. The only thing that sucked about the performance was that it had to end.

This ends my portion of the coverage of Do-Division. I promised our new Review and News Writer Leah that she could write the reviews for Scott Lucas and the Married Men, and Yacht, which will be posted tomorrow! = D.


  1. I was there, great performance! Earl Greyhound rocked out too!

  2. Jaredd!! I LOVEE ITTT, ill come read your posts more often, your interesting! i hope you had a blast at your concerts! keep this updating! =) =)


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