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Album Review:

Scott Lucas & The Married Men
George Lassos The Moon
Written By: Leah Frazee.

Scott Lucas has a soft side...Well, at least with his new band, The Married Men, who manage to create a mostly soft yet invigorating sound with a hint of Alt-Country for good measure. The haunting beauty of their freshman album, George Lassos The Moon, draws emotions to the surface that only great talent can create. Taking a page from Jeff Tweedy, Scott Lucas gets personal, writing this album from a heart filled with focus and intensity. The opening track, "Cut A Hole" highlights the beauty of the vocals on this album, which could rival that of Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley. The seven piece band especially shines in the georgous acoustic "Stolen Umbrellas" in which a more familliar side of Scott Lucas sings "I'll take this communion until things turn black/A glass of Robitussin with a whiskey back." Another highlight is "Weatherman" which proves that Scott Lucas still has a knack for writing a catchy tune. A surprising addition to this album is the Bob Dylan's 1965 classic, "Positively 4th Street", which vocally, is dead-on. The joining of Rebecca Brooke Manthe's flowing violin, and Aaron Duggins accordian add to the broad sound of George Lassos The Moon. This is a brilliant "breakup" album without being dark or obtuse. Not since Beck's "Sea Change" or The Good Life's "Album of the Year" has the beauty of heartbreak made such a great musical compilation.
A sidenote to sceptical Local H fans: Give Scott Lucas & the Married Men a good listen. You will not be disappointed.

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