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Five reasons why you can't miss Muskegon Summer Celebration!

In the wake of the demise of a different Muskegon, Michigan area music festival called Rothbury, another festival, Muskegon's own Summer Celebration, is not only returning to one-up itself as it does every year with it's diverse lineup, but also with the family friendly stages and the affordable tickets that won't hurt your wallet too much, if at all. They really do offer something for everyone.
We have composed a list of five reasons you should go.

5. It's Where It's At! Muskegon Summer Celebration is nothing short of a good time. It's a town wide celebration, with most of the party being held at Heritage Landing, a park on the waterfront in downtown Muskegon. Heritage Landing plays host to carnival rides, fireworks, food, and the Main Stage, which is sponsored by Miller Lite.

4. Ticket Prices! The tickets are very reasonable. You can buy an 11 day ticket, or a single day ticket. Ticket prices vary, but the most expensive is only $129.00, and that's for 11 days of live music. Most other music festivals have a $200.00+ ticket. Admission to the midway is only $5.00, and that's only if you don't have a concert ticket. Midway admission comes free with concert tickets. All tickets are general admission, but a premier seating upgrade is available for a nominal fee.

3. Location! It's only a short drive from several major cities, including Detroit, Chicago, South Bend, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and many more. None of the roads to Muskegon have tolls, and the area hotels are nicely priced. There are also several campgrounds in the area.

2. Family friendly! It might be a party, but it's a party for the entire family! They have a lot of family friendly things planned, as always, such as the parades, fireworks, and the carnival rides. Come with or without the kids, it will be a good time either way!

1. MUSIC! The lineup is so diverse, and so different than the rest of the music festivals. They have something for everyone, from Ludacris, to Toby Keith, O.A.R. To Chevelle. You don't want to miss a day of it!

Thanks for reading everyone, and make sure to head over to Summer Celebration's Website for everything about tickets, directions, music, and the Greater Muskegon Area!

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