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What ever happened to: Jamisonparker.

JamisonParker was an alternative rock duo in the early to mid 2000s, consisting of singer/guitarist Jamison Covington and guitarist/bassist/drummer Parker Case. While active, they released an EP titled Notes & Photographs (2003) and an album titled Sleepwalker (2005), and managed to play over 200 concerts across the United States.

Sleepwalker, was one of the most well composed albums of the decade, in my opinion. Well, now Parker Case is in Say Anything, and, has a solo project, I and the universe.

Jamison Covington is doing a solo project also, called E For Explosion.

E For Explosion announced the tracklisting for their upcoming EP on February 7, 2010.The EP will be released in March of 2010, and is considered an acoustic EP. None of the songs have been played before a live audience, nor have there been any demos released. The tracklisting for Why Do I Keep Hitting Myself With a Hammer? 'Cause It Feels So Good When I Stop... is as follows:
1. I'm Disappearing
2. This Is Me Being Honest
3. Yeah yeah, So I Dreamt of You Again
4. Maybe
5. Sometimes Sleep Ain't Enough

On February 16, 2010, E For Explosion posted another demo titled "Cool Kids" on their Myspace page. The song will be rerecordced and included on their next full-length when studio time becomes available. The song will not be released on the upcoming acoustic EP scheduled for release next month. Additionally, a preview of the tracks from the new EP will be posted at the beginning of March.

Here's a video, if, your feeling Nostalgic. Enjoy. = D.

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