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Music 411 Blog's Night Out: Claychella.

With a bill, consisting of Chicago's hottest DJ's, Indie Music, and more, we knew it would be off the hook, so, we made the trek up to Lincoln Hall, a new venue, in Chicago's thriving Lincoln Park. We got there a bit early (around 4:30), and, it was just starting to fill up. The dance floor wasn't scheduled to open up until 9, but DJ's were still spinning, off of the balcony, and, everyone was dancing, anyway. Because of the large crowds, the dance floor ended up opening at around 8:30, and, it filled up really quick. Everyone was having a great time, dancing, fist pumping, and some, just simply watching. The lineup, was great, though, I had to leave a bit early, to catch my train back home. I must also say, that Lincoln Hall really has got they're shit together. When they first opened up, they were really unorganized. Anyway. Also at the show, great visuals, including a live Twitter Feed, a photobooth, run by Ryan Mitchell Photography, and cheap great food and drink. Great night, if your looking for a show, make sure to check out Lincoln Hall, Chicago's newest venue, and, visit www.everyoneisfamous.com, for Claychella pictures.

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