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MGMT Playing Games, with fans?

Not those kind of games, of course. However, they are having a contest, six cities have been revealed, and, if your one of the first 6 people that show up, to the secret place, when the clues are revealed, you get to go on a two hour journey.

Via www.WhereIsMGMT.comYou have won a chance to be part of an extraordinary MGMT event. The MGMTmobile
will be visiting 6 cities, and we are challenging YOU to come find it

We will reveal clues to the location 1 hour prior to arrival. The first 6 people to this
location will be part of a very special MGMT experience. Be sure to stay tuned as we
reveal each city below.

The cities:

Happy Hunting.

For more, visit www.WhereIsMGMT.com

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