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Lil Wayne: Music from behind bars?

The following post is only a personal opinion piece. Well, the opinion of two people; my boyfriend and I. He's the one that actually suggested the idea of writing this piece. Some of you may agree or disagree with the following, let me know by leaving your feedback in the comment section.

The topic: Lil Wayne.
The question: Will he or won't he release new music or contribute to new music while in prison?
The opinion: Yes, he will.

On March 08, 2010, Lil Wayne (whose real name is Dwayne Carter) was sentenced to one year in a New York prison for a 2007 gun possession arrest. He also has a pending case in Arizona for a weapons and drug charge.

Some people probably think that with him behind bars, the rap/hip-hop genre will suffer. I beg to differ. I see him as someone who is still going to be a big contributor to the industry. Though I could turn out to be wrong, which is A-Okay with me, I believe he's going to still be writing, recording, and even releasing new music. I don't necessarily believe that all of what will be written will be about his prison experience, but only part of it.

For the last few years, he has nearly made or broke some of the most popular songs out today. He knows who he is as a performer and how much impact he has. Without his contributions, we may not have heard of or from performers such as Jay Sean or even Drake. Speaking of Drake, I came across an MTV News article where Drake spoke up on Weezy's prison sentence. He was quoted as saying the following: "You won't even notice he's gone. Promise." I think he's right. He went on to say that he is going to look over Young Money while Wayne is away.

I listen to many different types of music, but Lil Wayne probably has to be one of my favorites. I like his songs more than I do anything by Jay-z or Eminem. This, by far, is not the last that we have heard from Lil Wayne. He's going to be around for a very long time. Even if you aren't a fan, you've got to give him the credit that he's due.

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  1. I agree he will find some way to to this stuff hes nuts like that


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