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Album Review: MGMT - Congratulations

Congratulations, the new MGMT album, which has been three years in the making, was leaked out, thus, the band put it on the MGMT MySpace Page. Here is my review.

If the Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, and Daft Punk had a threesome, this is what it would sound like. The album starts out a bit quick, with a track called It's Working. It's a perfect first track, as it sets the mood for the rest of the album. It keeps up the pace for the first half, and then it slows up a bit, with the 12 minute track Siberian Breaks, a song about surfing the Arctic Ocean. The album has it's ups and downs, good tracks, great tracks, and bad ones. The only track that I didn't actually enjoy was the instrumental song, mocking Lady Gaga. The track is called Lady Dada's Nightmare.

I am completely impressed by the album, it's the best psychedelic album since Animal Collective released Merriweather Post Pavilion. My favorite track from the album is the short and simple track titled Someone's Missing. It's full of emotion as it starts out slowly, but as the pace picks up, you almost just want to get up, throw on some roller skates, and dance. It really reminds me of the Abba song Dancing Queen, probably because of the funky guitar, and the distortion of the vocals. Impressive.

I think that MGMT has put a lot of work into this album. It might not be anything like Oracular Spectacular, but, the World doesn't need another carbon-copy band anyway. I'm always a sucker for bands that love to switch up the sound, and, while most people will beg to differ, I think that this is going to do well for MGMT. Who knows, this could be MGMT's version of Kid-A. (Another great album, by Radiohead, that was a flop to the critics.) I'm pretty sure that MGMT doesn't care what us critics think, anyway. As long as they still get to play music, and keep the fans happy. A lot of fans will probably depart from the band, after listening, but the true fans will stick.

To sum it up, this new MGMT album Congratulations is Great! I kind of saw it coming, and I'm still impressed. Make sure to give it a listen, it's streaming on the MGMT MySpace Page, and on the MGMT Website. Thanks for reading, and Happy Listening.



  1. I fucking love MGMT, but they took the lazy way out. I'm so dissapointed with the album. It's garbage.


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