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Movies We Love, About Bands, We Love.

This is the first installment, of a weekly publishing, featuring a documentary, about a band that we happen to love.

This week, we'll start out with:
Drive Well Sleep Carefully: On The Road With Death Cab For Cutie.

A little over two hours long, the documentary follows Indie Royalty, Death Cab For Cutie, around on they're massive Transatlanticism Tour, featuring 16 live performances. The DVD was filmed, during a very progressive time, for the band. Recently discovered my the masses, thanks to the Fox Teen Drama, The O.C., and, The Postal Service Booming up. It talks about how it feels to tour, be famous, scared, and, unsure about signing to a Major Label. I would highly reccommend, especially if your a Death Cab For Cutie fan.

Here is the Track Listing:
Live performances
1."The Sound of Settling" (live at the Crystal Ballroom, Portland) – 5:36
2."The New Year" (live at the Showbox, Seattle) – 4:31
3."We Laugh Indoors" (live at the Marquee Theatre, Tempe) – 8:08
4."Styrofoam Plates" (live at Trees, Dallas) – 6:35
5."Title and Registration" (live at Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans) – 5:10
6."Company Calls" (live at WorkPlay Theater, Birmingham) – 6:51
7."Tiny Vessels" (live at Stubb's, Austin) – 3:50
8."Transatlanticism" (live at Trees, Dallas) – 6:07
9."Expo '86" (live at the Crystal Ballroom, Portland) – 4:00
10."We Looked Like Giants" (live at the Fillmore, San Francisco) – 10:17
11."Why You'd Want to Live Here" (live at the Wiltern, Los Angeles) – 8:55
12."Prove My Hypotheses" (live at the Showbox, Seattle) – 5:11
13."Bend to Squares" (live at the Showbox, Seattle) – 4:32
Acoustic tracks
1."The New Year" (acoustic version, live at the Metreon, San Francisco) – 4:38
2."Title and Registration" (acoustic version, live at the Metreon, San Francisco) – 3:44
3."Lightness" (acoustic version, live at the Metreon, San Francisco) – 3:28
Bonus tracks
1."Please Don't Go" (live) – 6:49
2."Lightness" (demo version) – 4:21
3."Stability" (live in rehearsal) – 10:03

And, for your viewing pleasure, a preview. = D. Enjoy.

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