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U2, Music's Biggest Band, Or Music's Ecological Nightmare.

U2, which just completed round one of they're 360 World Tour, may be considered to some the World's greatest band. Other's, like myself, would beg to differ. Pumping out constant hits, such as "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." and "Beautiful Day." Playing epic venues, such as Chicago's Soldier Field, and taking over Fordham University for a nationally broadcasted concert. U2 could do no wrong, right? Wrong. The tour is an ecological nightmare. The stage alone takes 32 semi-trucks to haul from city to city. Every day they fly out on their private jets. Think of all the gas and energy used to get to and from the shows. Let alone the power it takes to operate that heaping mass of a stage. U2 had the Highest Grossing Tour of 2009. Selling out Soldier Field in Chicago, for two nights. And while it may seem that U2 would need such a large production, is it really worth the environmental damage, that just one tour could do? U2 pride themselves on doing good deeds, and going "Green." However, the tour isn't green, and, is an ecological nightmare. Is the big production even needed? People love U2 enough to pay $114.09 for a cheap seat at a show, and they will always love U2, so, they should just strip to the basics, and, I'm sure that the crouds would till come.

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