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Hey everyone! My name is Conor. You may have seen some of my posts in the past couple of days. I'm here to do our first weekly installment of Publisher's Top 5 Downloads. Before doing so, I'd like to introduce myself so you better know the man behind the words. I was raised in La Porte Indiana, but I currently live in Muncie and attend Ball State University. I'm training to be a counselor. My friend Jared and I started this blog because we love music and love to talk about our tastes in music. I love to share good music with others. As the blog progresses, I'm sure you'll get an idea of what I like and don't like so I won't mention that now. Anyways, here's my top five for the week. Most of these songs aren't exactly new, but I think there's some excellent music in there.

The Decemberists "Hazards of Love 2"

This is off their newest album titled "Hazards of Love." As always, The Decemberists deliver epic adventures in their music.

Blue October "HRSA"

This is an older song from the beginning of the career of Blue October. The song is about Justin Furstenfeld's stay in a mental hospital. This is a truly excellent band with a singer who writes directly from his own heart.

Muse "Undisclosed Desires"

I've always known Muse existed, and I liked the song "Knights of Cydonia." I only recently started listening to the rest of their discography. It is amazing and I would highly recommend any of their songs.

Glee Cast "Don't Stop Believing"

Okay, so this might be a surprising add to my list. I love Glee, and the music on the show is amazing. This is the end song of the pilot, and listening to it brings back the excitement I felt when I watched that first episode.

AFI "Too Shy To Scream"

I recently saw AFI play the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. Before the show, I wasn't too fond of their new album "Crash Love." After the show, I definitely started to love it. This is one of my favorite songs off the album.

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