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Bands we love and loathe.

This is the first of a weekly Monday installment where we will love and loathe two bands.

We love:
Death Cab For Cutie.

Why we love them:
Based out of Seattle, the Indie-Alternative band are rock royalty. They have 6 full length albums, going from melancholy to quirky and upbeat. Pushing out hits such as "Soul Meets Body" and "Grapevine Fires". They know every aspect of how to rock. The live performance they offer is superb, never skipping a note, and they are genuine, nice people. We salute you, Death Cab.

We love to hate:

Why we hate them:
Mainstream Rock didn't start sucking until Creed came around. All of their songs sound the same, and the lead singer loves to forget the words at the shows. We loathe you, Creed.

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